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What Fantasy Opera is
"Orpheus and Eurydice FOREVER"

About technology

It is the interaction of actors with a three-dimensional video image that completely immerses the viewer in the ancient Greek myth of the love of the demigod Orpheus for the forest nymph Eurydice. The illusion of a three-dimensional fairy-tale space was created, in which the characters of the show are located. It is the world's first full-length show, not a separate issue, where such technology is applied.


About the composer

Unusual, bright, original music was created by Ukrainian composer, professor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Brunsky, whose work conquered the largest concert halls and opera houses of Ukraine and the East with regular sold-out performances at the Dubai Opera.


Interesting facts

Fantasy opera is a transformation into an interactive style of rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice Forever", which the audience has already seen in opera houses in Ukraine and theatres in other countries. The performance brings together unique voices: the highest male voice Tenor Altino and the lowest male voice Bass Profundo.

All the musical material for the opera was written "from scratch"! The composer skilfully combined different musical styles that will not let the audience get bored, and at the same time will give the opportunity to feel all the fullness and richness of spectacular sound. The recording involved a symphony orchestra, academic choir, DJ set.

A group of people, including Ukrainian poets, worked on the English-language texts of the project. Due to their poems the meaning of the story is reliably and realistically conveyed to the viewer.

Interesting facts

The beginning of the incredible love story of the legendary singer Orpheus for the young Eurydice, dates back to the antiquity of ancient Greece. The beauty of this musician's voice touched the depths of the hearts not only of the living, but also of the souls of the realm of the dead. From the sound of the strings of his cypher, nature froze and time seemed to stop. Passionate love reigned in the newly formed family. But the prince of darkness, Hades, envied this bright love and wanted to take Eurydice from Orpheus. During lovers’ walk, on a sunny morning, using all his dark forces, the evil lord of the dungeon kidnapped the girl. Orpheus' despair knew no bounds. He could not accept the loss of his beloved and decided to descend into the realm of the dead…

Will the terrible prince be affected by the fact that Orpheus is ready to give his life for Eurydice, will he return her to Orpheus? You will be able to see all this on stage. The continuation of this ancient myth is waiting for you in a completely new interpretation. From the stage you will hear the incredible, crystal clear voice of Orpheus, the mysterious singing of the Prince of Darkness, the sensual soprano of Eurydice, the bright voices of other actors.

Get the opportunity to see the mysterious game of Fortune and the henchmen of the Prince of Darkness, plunge into the world of love and the struggle between Good and Evil!

And all this accompanied by a symphony orchestra and an academic choir!

Exquisite author's music combined with a perfect director's show staging and well-established work of the remarkable rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice Forever" will leave incredible impressions in your memory after watching this enchanting performance!

Music – Michael Brunsky

General manager – Olena Brunska

Our team

Michael Brunsky frame
Michael Brunsky

Michael Brunsky

Autor and composer of the show. Orpheus.

Merited Artist of Ukraine.

Holder of Ukraine President's Cup in the field of art.

Professor of the Department of Performing Arts in KNUTD.

Olena Brunska frame
Olena Brunska

Olena Brunska

General manager of the show.

Organizer of large-scale music concerts and festivals

Stage director
Bogdana Latchuk frame
Bogdana Latchuk
Technical director
Volodymyr Budnyk frame
Volodymyr Budnyk
									Sadomtseva frame
Galyna Sadomtseva
Co-author of the libretto. Narrator
Andriy Permyakov frame
Andriy Permyakov
Anastasia Varga frame
Anastasia Varga
Maryna Zakharchenko frame
Maryna Zakharchenko
Fortune of happiness
Lilia Kharchenko frame
Lilia Kharchenko
Lord of Darkness
Oleksandr Dmitriyev frame
Oleksandr Dmitriyev
Anna Malinowska frame
Anna Malinowska
Fatal Fortune
Roksolana Kolisnyk frame
Roksolana Kolisnyk
Danyyil Babenko frame
Danyyil Babenko
Milana frame
Artistic director of stunt ballet
Deny Reed frame
Deny Reed
orchestra, choir frame
The orchestra and choir of our show